Fighting For Families

Fighting for your family starts with prayer. Prayer helps us see God’s solution to our circumstances. Every Monday night we pray for families specifically. If you’d like us to pray with you, send us a message.

Real Change Happens In Relationships When Real Change Happens In You.

Let’s be honest. We all have some change that we want to see in our relationship. Good news! It is very likely that God wants to see this change too. Oftentimes though, we see it through the wrong lens. We need to see our relationships, whether marriage, parenting, or other relationships, how God sees them.

At Fighting for Families, we teach you how to see growth and change in yourself and in your relationships through the eyes of God.

God is the source of great relationships and the strength to build them. Oftentimes though, we think it is our job to make our relationships work. This can get our eyes off of God as the source of relationships and onto ourselves. At Fighting for Families, we provide resources that guide you to the source for your family and the source for real change in your family.

When God is the center of your life, your relationships with others fall into their proper place. We have the understanding of what can change and mostly, who we can change. Oftentimes though, we don’t understand what having God at the center of our lives actually looks like. At our ReCenters, we offer spiritual, practical, and economical tools to help you and your family place God at the center of each your lives.

God moves through each of us to minister His love in many different ways. Some of us though He chose to dedicate every aspect of their lives to equipping others so that they may do the work of the ministry. These men and women are called apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. We invite those who labor to equip the saints to our ReTreats for a time of rest and renewal.

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